French potcupboard

no-740- French walnut pot/cupboard in very good condition-£135-15"w x 12"d x 29"h

French pot-cupboard

no-291-1900 French oak carved pot-cupboard in good condition-£150-16"w x 14"d x 44"h height to marble top 34"

French potcupboard

no-113-1900 French walnut pot-cupboard in good condition-£125-16"w x 15"d x 34"h

Georgian night table

no-123-Georgian mahogany night table in good condition-£120-16"w x 16"d x 30"h sold

mahogany table

no-628-mahogany bed-side table in very good condition-£85-17"w x 14"d x 28"h sold

Georgian washstand

no-380- Georgian mahogany lift top washstand / night table has some sun bleach on the top in good condition-£145-14"W X 14"D X 32"H


no-253-1900 French oak tiled top pot-cupboard in good condition-£90-16"w x 15"d x 33"h

Edwardian pot-cupboard

no-11-1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid pot-cupboard in good condition-£95-16"w x 15"d x 30"h

French pot-cupboard

no-307 1900 French pitch-pine tiled top pot-cupboard in good condition-£90-16"w x 14"d x 33"h

Georgian night table

no-474-1780 Georgian mahogany night table in good condition-£68-14"w x 14"d x 29"h sold

french pot-cupboard

no-639-1900 french oak pot-cupboard in good condition-£110-16"w x 14"d x 34"h

French pot-cupboard

no-244- 1900 French oak pot-cupboard in good condition-£75-17"W X 15"D X 37"H

French potcupboard

no-406-1900 French oak pot/cupboard in good condition-£75-14"w x 15"d x 33"h

French pot/cupboard

no-243-1900 oak French pot/cupboard in good condition-£75-15"w x 14"d x 34"h