Drinks cabinet

no-602-Globe Drinks cabinet in good condition-£75-

Victorian cot/bed

no-6-1880 Victorian mahogany & Rattan cot/bed in good condition-£160-48"w x 24"d x 41"h

Pine towel Rail

no-599- Pine towel rail in good condition-£48-

Edwardian Whotnot

no-710-1901 Edwardian oak Whot-not in good condition-£145-26"w x 10"d x 52"h

Chinese garden seat

no-640- Chinese ceramic Garden seat in very good condition-£98-11"dia x 18"h

cutlery box

no-677 Edwardian mahogany cutlery box on legs in good condition-£65-15"w x 11"d x 22"h

Victorian canterbury

no-696-1880 Victorian mahogany inlaid Canterbury in good condition-£190-22"w x 142" x 36"h

no2 large rocking horse

no-2-large rocking horse in very good condition-£495-64"w x 24"d x 55"h

Victorian canterbury

no-390-1870 Victorian mahogany & rosewood Canterbury in very good condition-£275-24"w x 16"d x 322h

Georgian towel rail

no-506-1760 Georgian mahogany towel rail in very good condition-£90-22"w x 2"d x 40"h folded

1800s teapoy

no-120-1800s mahogany inlaid tea-poy in very good condition-£350-17"w x 14"d x 40"h

Edwardian towel rail

no-Edwardian mahogany towel rail in very good condition-£38-23"w x 8"d x 42"h

Victorian screen

no-689-1880 Victorian mahogany barley-twist screen with William Morris fabric in good condition-£180-24"w x 18"d x 49"h

Victorian press

no-425-1880 Victorian ash press with ebony handle in very good condition-£225-29"w x 18"d x 52"h

Edwardian screen

no-680-1901 Edwardian mahogany two fold mirror screen with painted decoration in very good condition-£75-34"w x 2"d x 35"h

Shaving stand

no-26-1840 Victorian mahogany shaving stand in good condition-£265-18"w x 16"d x 52"h

fox in display case

no-407-Fox in display case in very good condition-£370-36"w x 15"d x 28"h

Edwardian shaving stand

21-1901 Edwardian mahogany shaving stand in very good condition-£250-18"w x 13"d x 67"

no-326-hines head

no-326-mounted Hines head (red deer) in very good condition-£225-16"w x 20"d x 30"h

Edwardian drinks tray

no-644- 1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid drinks tray in very good condition-£48-21"w x 13"d x 1"h

Stags head

no-51-1830 stags head with unusual malformation of antlers due to damage when in the velvet stage of growth -£350-14"w x 21"d x 49"h

Victorian wot-knot

no-523-Victorian mahogany what-not has some damage-£95-29"w x 9"d x 47"h

Edwardian fire screen

no-517-large Edwardian mahogany inlaid fire screen in very good condition-£78-27"w x 9"d x 37"h

Victorian whotnot

no-687- 1880 Victorian mahogany what-not in good condition-£78-24" x 17"d x 48"h


no-560 repro mahogany Canterbury in good condition-£48-19"w x 15"d x 23"h

Victorian cradle

no-431-Victorian oak cradle in good condition-£140-31"w x 15"d x 28"h


no-666-repro mahogany Canterbury in good condition-£55- 22"w x 14"d x 22"h

Victorian writing slope

no-700- Victorian mahogany inlaid writing slope in good condition-£75-12"w x 9"d x 5"h

1900s planter

no-399- early 1900s oak lead lined planter in very good condition-£135-39"w x 15"d x 23"H

Tudor house

1920/30s Georgian mock Tudor style house slide frontage in good condition-£60-29"w x 11"d x 16"h

stags head

no-3-modern carved wood stags head in good condition-£150

Tudor style house

no-32-1920/30 Scratch built Tudor style house in good condition-£60-17"w x 15"d x 18"h

Bamboo&brass gong

no-137-Bamboo & brass gong in good condition-£135-24"w x 14"d x 34"h


no-597-regency style mahogany screen mirror one side tapestry the other in very good condition-£75 20"w 42"h

Victorian silver chest

no-29-Victorian mahogany lift top silver chest in very good condition-£140-25"w x 19" x 30"h

no-206-victorian pole screen

no-401-Victorian mahogany pole screen in very good condition-£165-16"w x 12"d x 54"h

standard lamp

no-310-very heavy brass standard lamp in very good condition-£120-59"h


Good selection of Bellows- £15-£68 most have been restored and in very good condition

oak cabinet

no-524-1930/50s oak standing or wall cabinet in very good condition-£60-23"w x 72" x 29"h

Wine rack

no-23-horse shoe wine rack in good condition-£30-21"w x 9"d x 21"h