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antique desks


no-227-Georgian oak carved Bureau in good condition-£330-44"w x 22"d x 41"h height to writing top 31"


no-312-Edwardian mahogany knee-hole desk with sloping top in good condition-£230-36"w x 22"d x 33"h (knee-hole 8"w x 24"h )

1900 bureau

no-412-1900 oak carved bureau in very good condition-£270-35"w x 18"d x 43"h height to flap top-26"



Victorian desk

no-211-1900 late Victorian mahogany two part carved desk in good condition-£325-46"w x 26"d x 31"h knee-hole 18"w x 24"h

Large desk

no-269-Large repro mahogany pedestal desk in good condition-£330-60"w x 36"d x 30"h

French ladies desk

no-279-French rosewood inlaid ladies desk in good condition-£295-26"w x 16"d x 36"h


no-136- Victorian mahogany knee-hole desk in good condition-£245-48"w x 22"d x 31"h Knee-hole 19"w x 25"h

French ladies desk

no-152-french rosewood inlaid Bonhuer-du-joire (ladies writing desk) IN GOOD CONDITION-£335-29"W X 18"D X 40"H

Georgian Bureau

no-74- Georgian mahogany bureau in very good condition-£375-45"w x 22"d x 44"h

Edwardian desk

no-294-1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid small ladies writing desk new leather insert in very good condition-£235-21"w x 20"d x 44"h

Victorian desk

no-30- Victorian mahogany pedestal desk in good condition-£395-41"w x 24"d x 31"h knee hole 17"w x 23"h

1900 Desk

no-115-1900 mahogany desk in Carlton house style locks suggest Shapland & Petter Barnstable-£475-48"w x 23"d x 40"h desk top height 29"

bureau-de dame

no-133-mahogany inlaid bureau de dame (ladies desk) in good condition-£325-26"w x 17"d x 36"h

1920s desk

no-174-1920s mahogany knee-hole desk in very good condition-£250-42"w x 21"d x 30"h knee-hole 20"w x 24"h

1900 Desk

no-121-1900 Late Victorian mahogany Kneehole desk in very good condition-£420-51"w x 24"d x 31"h knee hole 22"w x 24"h

Georgian bureau

no-215-Georgian mahogany bureau (slight warp in the flap ) in good condition-£225-40"w x 20"d x 44"h

Edwardian desk

no-189-1901 Edwardian oak kneehole desk in good condition new leather insert-£385-48"w x 26"d x 30"h knee hole 18"w x 17 1/2"h

Victorian desk

no 106-Victorian mahogany knee-hole desk in good condition has modern castors added £395-48"w x 21"d x 33"h knee hole 16"w x 24"h

Victorian bureau

no-147-Victorian oak carved bureau/desk in very good condition-£320-42"w x 23"d x 40"h

Victorian desk

no-131-1880 Victorian mahogany Knee-hole desk with marble top in very good condition-£350-48"w x 24"d x 29"h knee hole 17"w x 22"h

Vic  clerks desk

no-132-Victorian oak carved clerks desk/Bible box in good condition-£165-27"w x 22"d x 44"h

Victorian desk

no-325-Victorian mahogany desk with pull slide in good condition-£260-48"w x 29"d x 49"h

Edwardian desk

no-172-1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid desk/writing table in good condition-£230-42"w x 21"d x 31"

oak desk

no-696- oak folding desk top in very good condition-£68-24"w x 17"d x 35"h

NO-397-Edwardian bureau

no-397-Edwardian mahogany inlaid bureau in good condition-£195-(31"x 16"x 43")

Edwardian desk /sideboard

no-274-1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid desk/side-board in good condition-£250-45"w x 21"d x 34"h

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