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no-91-victorian hall-stand

no-91-Victorian oak carved tree hall-stand in very good condition-£180-base 34"w height 79" top 38"

-Victorian hall-stand

no-46-1880 Victorian oak carved Hall-stand in very good condition-£295-36"w x 14"d x 73"h

Victorian hallstand

no-140-Victorian mahogany tree hall-stand in good condition-£140-22"w x 11"d x 72"h

Victorian stick-stand

no-92-Victorian oak carved stick-stand in very good condition-£165-42"w x 13"d x 49"h

Bentwood Hat stand

no-660-Bentwood coat/hat-stand in very good condition-£110-18"w x 18"d x 74"h

Edwardian stick-stand

no-213-Edwardian oak carved stick-stand in good condition-£140-30"w x 14"d x 27"h


no-625 large cast iron ornate stick-stand in very good condition-£88-17"w x 8"d x 35"h

corner stick-stand

no-573-1930/50s oak corner stick-stand in very good condition-£65-19"w x 14"d x 33"h

cast iron stick-stand

no-582-Cast iron Stick-Stand in very good condition-£78-15"w x 9"d x 27"h

China umbrella stand

no-3-China Umbrella stand in very good condition-£68-9"dia x 23"h

Brass Stick stand

no-1-Brass stick/umbrella stand in very good condition-£55

Brass stick-stand

no-68-Brass stick-stand in good condition-£50

ceramic umbrella stand

no--Ceramic Umbrella Stand in very good condition-£30-9"dia x 19"h

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