1900s dumb-waiter

no-66-1900s mahogany dumb waiter in very good condition-£295-49"w x 24"d x 55"h -45" to top

Victorian parlour cabinet

no-449-Victorian ash carved parlour in very good condition-£298-48"w x 18"d x 61"h

Victorian dumbwaiter

no-167-1880 Victorian mahogany three shelved dumbwaiter in good condition-£225-41"w x 16"d x 47"h

Victorian chiffonier

no-314-1870 Victorian mahogany inlaid chiffonier in very good condition-£325-41"w x 18"d x 50"h

no-110-1900 side-board

no-110-1900- late Victorian oak carved side-board with Flemish influence condition very good-£530 -(60"w x 23"d x 95"h)

Victorian chiffonier

no-13-1870 Victorian mahogany chiffonier in very good condition-265-39"w x 20"d x 59"h

French buffet

no-116-1890 French oak carved buffet in very good condition-£365-49"w x 19"d x 80"h

french server

no-49-1900 french oak carved server in very good condition-£350-42"w x 19"d x 54"h

Victorian parlour cabinet

no-305-1900 mahogany parlour cabinet in good condition-£260-48"w x 15"d x 74"h

Victorian side-board

no-178-1880/1900 Victorian oak carved green man side-board in very good condition-£325-54"w x 23"d x 40"h

French buffet

no-75-French oak two tone buffet in very good condition-£375-47"w x 22"d x 78"h

1900 buffet

no-150-1900/20s oak carved buffet in very good condition-£325-(42"x 16"x 44")

Edwardian parlour cabinet

no-90-1901 Edwardian mahogany carved Parlour- cabinet in good condition-£165-46"w x 14"d x 77"h

Edwardian side-board

no-357-1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid sideboard in Georgian style in very good condition-£265-66"w x 22"d x 35"h

parlour cabinet

no-429-1900 walnut parlour cabinet with later changes in good condition-£355-54"w x 16"d x 91"h

low side-board

no-432-reconstructed low satin/walnut sideboard in very good condition-£235-54"w x 26"d x 30"h

1920s side-board

no-24-1920s burr/walnut Art Deco side-board in very good condition-£135-54"w x 21"d x 36"h

no-306-1800s oak buffet

306-no-1800s- oak carved buffet constructed from 1600/1700s parts in very good condition-£420-( 55"w x 21"d x 56"h)

Edwardian parlour cabinet

no-94-Edwardian mahogany inlaid parlour cabinet base in good condition-£190-48"w x 17"d x 42"h

Victorian buffet

no-142-1880 small Victorian mahogany buffet in good condition-£195-30"w x 14"d x 36"h RESERVED

Edwardian parlour cabinet

no-104-1901 Edwardian rosewood inlaid parlour cabinet base in good condition-£225-60"w x 17"d x 40"h

Edwardian parlour cabinet

no-332-1901-Edwardian mahogany inlaid parlour cabinet base in good condition-£220-50"w x 16"d x 42"h

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