Georgian chest on chest

no-182-1760-Georgian mahogany chest on chest in good condition-£535-39"w x 21"d x 73"h

no 129- Georgian mahogany chest of drawers in very good condition-£295-SOLD

chest on chest

no-103- Georgian mahogany chest on chest with brushing slide in good condition-£495- fixed price-43"w x 22"d x 73"h


no-173-1700s mahogany chest on ball & claw feet-£275-price fixed 33"w x 21"d x 33"h

Georgian chest

no-302-very large Georgian mahogany chest of drawers in good condition-£350 fixed price -52"w x 22"d x 53"h due to the weight of this chest down stairs item

1840 chest

no-246-1840 large mahogany chest of drawers in good condition-£330 fixed price-48"w x 26"d x 45"h

Georgian chest

no-442-Georgian oak chest in good condition-£295-fixed price-38"w x 23"d x 36"h

Victorian chest

no-78-1870 Victorian mahogany chest of drawers in good condition-£285 fixed price-43"w x 21"d x 42"h

French chest

no-160-1980 French kingswood inlaid chest in very good condition-£260-fixed price- 38"w x 20"d x 33"h

1800s chest

no-213-1800s mahogany chest with top cupboard in very good condition-£280-48"w x 20"d x 49"h fixed price

Georgian chest

no-501- Georgian mahogany small chest of drawers in good condition-£295 fixed price- -41"w x 22"d x 34"h

Georgian chest

no-434-Georgian oak inlaid chest has had repaired shrinkage split in the top is in good condition-£295- fixed price-42"w x 20"d x 39"h

Edwardian chest

no-124-1901 Edwardian mahogany chest of drawers in very good condition-£195-34"w x 19"d x 33"h

1800s chest drawers

no-347-1800s mahogany chest of drawers with three secret drawers in good condition-£320-price fixed 48"w x 22"d x 44"h

Georgian chest

no-410-Georgian mahogany inlaid chest of drawers has had repaired shrinkage splits in sides in good condition-£295- fixed price-41"w x 20"d x 36"h

mahogany chest

no-148-1920/40s mahogany bowfront chest with glass top protector in very good condition-£195-24"w x 17"d x 31"h

1800s chest

no-273-1800s mahogany bow-front chest in good condition-£265 fixed-price-40"w x 19"d x 44"h

1800s oak chest

no-413-1800s oak chest of drawers (had a change of handles) in good condition-£295-42"w x 19"d x 41"h priced fixed

Victorian chest

no-344 1870 Victorian mahogany chest of drawers in good condition-£310-fixed price-48"w x 22"d x 46"h

Victorian chest

no-119-small Victorian chest of drawers (has been cut down ) in good condition- £195-fixed price- 35"w x 17"d x 34"h

1900s chest

no-440-early 1900s mahogany Waring& Gillows four drawer chest in very good condition-£245-42"w x 22"d x 29"h priced fixed

Georgian chest

no-139-Georgian oak secretaire chest in good condition-£350-fixed price-46"w x 21"d x 48"h

antique chest of drawers