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no-620-Mahogany Plant-stand in very good condition-£58-12"w x 12"d x 41"h

Edwardian cake-stand

no-564-Edwardian mahogany folding cake-stand in very good condition-£48-11"w x 11"d x 35"h

Edwardian plant-stand

no-565-Edwardian mahogany plant-stand in good condition-£48-12"w x 12"d x 37"h

Edwardian plant-stand

no-524-Edwardian mahogany inlaid plant-stand in good condition-£68-13"dia x 36"h

Edwardian cake-stand

no-527-Edwardian mahogany folding cake-stand in very good condition-£48-11"w x 10"d x 36"h

Edwardian Plant-stand

no-Edwardian mahogany plant-stand in good condition-£55-12"dia x 38"h

Victorian Plant-stand

no-551-Victorian mahogany Plant-stand in good condition-£38-14"dia x 38"h

ebonized plant-stand

no-635-Ebonized carved plant-stand in very good condition-£98-15"w x 15"d x 30"w

Edwardian plantstand

no-719-1901-Edwardian mahogany plant-stand in good condition-£48-12"dia x 39"h

Edwardian Plantstand

no-726-Edwardian oak /painted plantstand in good condition-£38-10"w x 10"d x 36"h

oak plant-stand

no-134-1950s large oak plant-stand in good condition-£48-14"w x 14"d x 45"h


no-588-Edwardian mahogany Plant-stand in good condition-£38-12"w x 12"d x 38"h


no-522-mahogany Torch'e/plantstand in good condition-£45-11"dia x 39"h


no-536-none period mahogany barley-twist torch'e/plant-stand in very good condition- £48-10"dia x 48"h


no-532-none period mahogany Torche in good condition-£38-12"dia x 48"h

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