antique chairs, sofas and benches

1900s settle

no-112-1900s oak Tavern settle in very good condition-£380-56"w x 23"d x 57"h

Victorian chair

no-529-1880 Victorian mahogany chair in very good condition-£48-18"w x 17"d x 34"h seat height 17"

Georgian settle

no-100-1780 Georgian oak settle with two drawers (converted from a bureau ) in very good condition-£280-36"w x 21"d x 40"h seat height 23"

Georgian chair

no-298-Georgian mahogany elbow chair in very good condition-£110-24"w x 19"d x 38"h

1900 settle

no-25-1900 oak carved settle in very good condition-£310-43"w x 17"d x 45"h seat height 17"

Edwardian windsor chair

no-80 1901 Edwardian stained beech windsor chair in very good condition-£180-27"w x 19"d x 45"h seat height 18"

Edwardian arm chair

no-641-1901 Edwardian arm-chair in very good condition-£140

Edwardian chairs

no-640-1901 Edwardian set of four dining chairs in very good condition-£140

Edwardian arm-chair

no-643-1901 Edwardian arm-chair in very good condition-£135

Edwardian chair

no-590-Edwardian mahogany inlaid parlour chair in very good condition-£120-21"w x 19"d x 33"h

pr Edwardian chairs

no-769-Pr of Edwardian mahogany inlaid corner chairs in very good condition-£240-17"w x 17"d x 30"h seat height 16"

Edwardian arm chair

no-752-Edwardian mahogany inlaid elbow chair in very good condition-£120-23"w x 21"d x 40"h seat height 19"

Edwardian tub chair

no-613-1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid tub chair in good condition-£95-21"w x 21"d x 28"h seat height 17"

Victorian windsor chair

no-521- 1870 Victorian beech&ash windsor chair in good condition-£180-

Edwardian tub chair

no-621-1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid tub chair in good condition-£95-21"w x 21"d x 28"h seat height 17"

Edwardian chair

no-745-Edwardian mahogany inlaid elbow chair in very good condition-£125-21"w x 19"d x 44"h seat height 16"


no-153--mahogany inlaid settle in very good condition-£295-63"w x 22"d x 42"h

1800s chair

no-755-1800s mahogany elbow chair in Georgian style in very good condition-£90-22"w x 19"d x 38"h seat height 19"

Edwardian chair

no-530-1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid low chair in very good condition-£58-21"w x 17"d x 35"h seat height 13"

Edwardian tub chair

no-550-Edwardian mahogany tub chair in very good condition-£88-21"w x 18"d x 30"h seat height 18"

Edwardian chair

no-703-Edwardian mahogany elbow chair in very good condition-£85-22"w x 20"d x 40"h seat height 18"

Edwardian chair

no-614-Edwardian mahogany inlaid corner chair in very good condition-£90-15"w x 15"d x 28"h seat height 16"

oak settle

no-315-oak & pine settle converted from a french bed in good condition-£230-54"w x 18"d x 46"h seat height 21"

Victorian chair

no-629-1880 Victorian Ebonized inlaid corner/chair ( had repair underneath)in good condition-£75-16"w x 16"d x 29"h seat height 16"

1900 spinning chair

no-648-1900 oak carved spinning chair in very good condition-£55- 10"w x 13"d x 29"h seat height 14"

Edwardian arm chair

no-533-1901 Edwardian mahogany inlaid arm chair in very good condition-£165-24"w x 22"d x 30"h seat height 16"

Spinning chair

no-570-large Spinning chair in very good condition-£50-15"w x 15"d x 47"h seat height 18"

Victorian chairs

no-13/14 Victorian mahogany nursing chairs in very good condition-£50 each-19"w x 19"d x 32"h seat height 13"

oak arm-chair

no-735-1900 oak carved arm-chair in good condition-£120-21"w x 18"d x 43"h seat height 17"

Georgian chairs

no-11/12 Georgian Hepplewhite style chairs in good condition-£46 each-21"w x 18"d x 38"h seat height 18"

Edwardian chair

no-663-1901 Edwardian stained beech inlaid corner/chair in good condition-£75-15"w x 16"d x 29" seat height 16"

French Childs bench

no-564-french oak cart-wheel childs seat in very good condition-£58-25"w x 19"d x 21"h

no-612-Victorian prie dieu

no-612- 1870 Victorian rosewood carved prayer chair in good condition-£125

Victorian chairs

no-616-1880 Victorian mahogany nursing chair in good condition-£78-17"w x 19"d x 29"h seat height 13"

Childs rattan chair

no-704-1930/50s Childs rattan chair in very good condition-£38-13"w x 12"d x 21"h seat height 12"

French prayer chair

no-601-French walnut reeded seat prayer chair in good condition-£45-

Windsor chair

no-763-Victorian Windsor chair (has been cut down)in good condition-£75-24"w x 17"d x 41"h seat height 13"

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