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1600s coffer

no-236-1600s oak carved Coffer with candle box in good condition-£395-50"w x 22"d x 27"h

1600s coffer

no-346-Late 1600s oak carved coffer (has had some old woodworm been well treated ) in good condition-£250-51"w x 23"d x 29"h

1600/1700s coffer

no-343-late 1600s/early 1700s oak carved coffer in good condition-£340 -48"w x 19"d x 27"h

1660/80 coffer

no-340-1660/80 oak carved coffer in good condition-£295 -48"w x 18"d x 26"h

1600s coffer

no-265-1600s oak carved Coffer in good condition-£365-52"w x 23"d x 29"h

1600s coffer

no-195-1600s oak carved coffer in good condition-£325-58"w x 22"d x 29"h

1900 coffer

no-395-1900 oak carved coffer with candle box on legs in very good condition-£340-47"w x 21"d x 40"h

1680 coffer

no-22-1680 large oak coffer in good condition-£395-55"w x 26"d x 31"h

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