Georgian mule chest

no-276- 1790 Georgian oak mule chest in very good condition-£395-59"w x 22"d x 33"h

Late 1800s coffer

no-74-Late 1800s oak carved coffer in late 1500s/1600s style with Arcaded panels in good condition-£295-48"w x 19"d x 24"h

1600s coffer

no-115-small 1600s oak carved coffer in good condition-£285-36"w x 17"d x 22"h SOLD

late 1600s coffer

no-99-Late 1600/early 1700s oak carved coffer with strap hinges in good condition-£290-43"w x 20"d x 23"h

1600s coffer

no-114-1600s oak carved coffer in good condition-£280-46"w x 21"d x 24"h

1740 mule chest

no-30- 1740/60 Georgian oak mule chest with triple candle box in good condition-£295-54"w x 22"d x 30"h

oak coffer

no-248- copy of 1700S oak carved coffer in very good condition-£290-50"w x 24"d x 30"h

Mule chest

no-197-1660/90 oak two drawer mule chest (slants slightly back in good condition-£445-57"w x 21"d x 32"h

1700s coffer

no-391-Early 1700s oak carved doom coffer with two candle boxes in good condition-£325-49"w x 23"d x 30"h

Georgian mule chest

no-45-1760 Georgian oak mule chest in good condition-£275-49"w x 22"d x 32"h

Georgian coffer

no-318 Georgian oak coffer in good condition-£295-46"w x 22"d x 28"h

1600/1700s coffer

no238-late 1600s/ early 1700s oak carved coffer (does have a burn mark on the top ) otherwise condition good-£295-54"w x 23"d x 28"h

1680 coffer

no-22-1680 large oak coffer in good condition-£395-55"w x 26"d x 31"h