antique mirrors

Edwardian mirror

no-553-1901-Edwardian mahogany Swing Mirror in good condition-£55-18"w x 11"d x 28"h

Victorian mirror

no-535-1870 Victorian mahogany Swing Mirror with one drawer in very good condition-£135-25"w x 12"d x 29"h

chinoiserie mirror

no-525-Chinoiserie mirror in good condition-£68-28"w x 3"d x 24"h

Georgian mirror

no-711-Georgian Swing Mirror with three drawers in very good condition-£140-23"w x 7"d x 24"h


no-563-1930s oval mirror in good condition-£55-29"w x 2"d x 22"h

Victorian swing mirror

no-509-1880 Victorian mahogany swing mirror (has one odd foot ) with lift top trinket box in good condition-£80-19"w x 10"d x 25"h

oak mirror

no-582-0ak carved mirror in good condition-£55-

Victorian mirror

no-628 1880 Victorian mahogany swing mirror in very good condition-£65-18"w x 8"d x 21"h

1930/50s mirror

no-649-1930/50s painted mirror in very good condition-£48-22"w x 22d x 13"h

William1V s.mirror

no-278- William 1V mahogany swing mirror in good condition-£160-27"w x 10"d x 43"h

oak mirror

no-327-late Victorian oak in-graved over-mirror in very good condition-£110-53"w x 3"d x 31"h

Etched mirror

no-673-brass Etched mirror of horse & carriage in good condition-£65-32"w x 1"d x 22"h

Victorian mirror

no-544-1870 Victorian mahogany swing mirror in good condition-£135-28"w x 12"d x 28"h

Mahogany mirror

no-546-none period mahogany inlaid mirror in very good condition-£55-19"w x 2"d x 38"h

Victorian mirror

no-656-1880-Victorian mahogany swing mirror in good condition-£90-21"w x 10"d x 28"h

Victorian swing mirror

no-659-1880 Victorian mahogany bobbin twist swing mirror in good condition-£80-21"w x 9"d x 23"h

Victorian over-mirror

no-39-Victorian mahogany over-mantle in good condition-£95

French mirror

no-461-1870/80 French oak carved mirror (spotting on mirror ) in good condition-£160- 30"w x 3"d x 43"h