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Georgian bookcase-on-chest

no-359-1820-Georgian mahogany bookcase-on chest in good condition-£540-48"w x 24"d x 86"h

Globewernick bookcase

no-98-oak three tier Globewernick bookcase in very good condition-£295-34"w x 12"d x 45"h

1800s bookcase on cupboard

no-45-1800s mahogany inlaid bookcase on cupboard in good condition-£480-42"w x 20"d x 89"h


no-88-None period mahogany waterfront bookcase in very good condition-£200-38"w x 13"d x 46"h

Edwardian Secretaire bookcase

no-84-1901 Edwardian mahogany Secretaire bookcase on cupboard in good condition-£495-48"w x 21"d x 93"

Victorian Book-case

no-58-1900 Late Victorian dark oak carved Bookcase in very good condition-£195-42"w x 12"d x 47"h

Georgian bookcase

no-33-1780/early 1800s mahogany inlaid Secretaire bookcase on cupboard with new leather insert in good condition-£395-42"w x 20"d x 81"h

Globewernick bookcase

no-113-stained beech three tier Globewernick bookcase in good condition-£295-34" x 14"d x 47"h

Victorian bookcase

no-78-1880 Victorian mahogany bookcase on cupboard in good condition-£350-42"w x 18"d x 95"h

Victorian bookcase

no-233- 1880 Victorian oak carved glazed bookcase in very good condition-£290-48"w x 14"d x 46"h

Victorian bookcase

no-393- 1870 Victorian mahogany bookcase on cupboard in good condition-£280-45"w x 15"d x 84"h


no-179-mahogany Globe-wernick three tier bookcase in good condition-£295-34"w x 11"d x 45"h

Edwardian bookcase

no-47 Edwardian mahogany bookcase on cupboard in good condition-£245-45"w x 20"d x 82"h

Georgian Secretaire bookcase

no-124-1790 Georgian mahogany secretaire bookcase on chest (glass doors removed ) in good condition-£450-43"w x 22"d x 89"h

Edwardian bureau/bookcase

no-154-1901 Edwardian mahogany bureau/bookcase in very good condition-£260-30"w x 18"d x 73"h

Georgian bureau/bookcase

129-Georgian oak bureau/bookcase in good condition-£265-36"w x 21"d x 83"h

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