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Antique stool

no-579- Antique mahogany stool in good condition-£98-24"w x 15"d x 18"h


no-533-none period lift top ottaman in very good -£68 -condition-17!w x 17"d x 16"h

Georgian stool

no-509-Georgian walnut stool in very good condition-£135-19"w x 19"d x 18"h

oak stool

no-618 oak stool in good condition-£48-16"w x 13"d x 17"h

1920s stool

no-661-1920s mahogany good quality stool in very good condition-£135-26"w x 18"d x 26"h

oak stool

no-617- oak stool in good condition-£48-16"w x 13"d x 17"h

1900s stool

no-540-Early 1900s mahogany stool in Georgian style in very good condition-£120-20"w x 20"d x 16"h

1930s stool

no-601-1930s mahogany stool on ball&claw feet with William Morris fabric in very good condition-£78-23"w x 16"d x 19"h

French stool

no-263-French walnut stool in very good condition-£68-19"w x 18"d x 18"h

Mahogany stool

no-589-Mahogany stool in very good condition-£48-14"w x 13"d x 18"h

Double stool

no-622-1950s mahogany Double stool on ball&claw feet in very good condition-£150-35"w x 16"d x 19"h

Xframe stool

no-665-Repro mahogany X frame stool in very good condition-£85-24"w x 18"d x 18"h

1950s stool

no-584- 1950s mahogany stool in good condition-£75-18"w x 18"d x 17"h

Edwardian stool

no-441-Edwardian mahogany stool in very good condition-£48-17"w x 13"d x 20"h

1950s stool

no-507-1950s oak large stool in very good condition-£85-21"w x 15"d x 19"h

Oak stool

no-667-Oak stool in very good condition-£55-16"w x 10"d x 18"h

1950s stool

no-513-1950s mahogany stool in very good condition-£75-22"w x 13"d x 20"h

Victorian stool

no-529 1880 Victorian mahogany stool in good condition -£68-22"w x 18"d x 19"h

1930s stool

no-694-1930s mahogany stool on ball & claw feet in very good condition-£85-22"w x 17"d x 20"h

Mahogany stool

no-554-none period mahogany stool in very good condition-£45-21"w x 13"d x 16"h

1950s stool

no-701-1950s stained beech stool in very good condition-£75-25"w x 15"d x 17"h

Victorian stool

no-609-Victorian mahogany bidet/stool bidet has a crack otherwise in good condition-£98-24"w x 15"d x 24"h-seat height 18"

Edwardian stool

no-500-1901 Edwardian mahogany stool in very good condition-£68-20"w x 13"d x 18"h

1930s oak stool

no-624-1930s oak & cane stool in good condition-£60-21"w x 15"d x 20"h

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